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Not your usual online shop

When we decided to launch our online furniture store, we knew that there were a lot of chairs and tables available online.

That's why we want to stand out, not only on the selection of furniture products and quality but also on service. We have a long history of chair and table manufacturers behind us, now three generations. Over these long years we have not only acquired the knowledge to produce our items, but also to select the best furniture products.
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MestuCò is the combination of two words full of history and meaning.

In our dialect, “Mestu” is a way of indicating the Master, not intended as a school teacher but a life teacher. He was the one who taught young people a trade. Once upon completion of their studies, the boys were entrusted to Mestu who passed on his knowledge and experience, he was not a simple employer but a teacher who followed the boys so that they learned how to do things properly.

Our grandfather Cosimo was one of those Masters called by his “pupils” Master Cosimo…. Or in a more dialectical form Mestu Cò. From him we learned that things are either done well or not done at all, and it is with that typical mentality of an ancient furniture craftsman that we select and produce the products we offer you.

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